Short Story the Painted Door

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The Painted Door Summary
Short story A Painted Door written by Sinclair Ross is a story that hides many meanings. The intelligent usage of symbolism and comparisons also add to the amount of thought and understanding being put towards the overall picture. It is clear that the author is not only about telling the story, rather he focuses much more on the voice, setting, and symbolism of the piece. The story was relayed to the readers in third person; the author also being the narrator. This gives him much more power to portray images and descriptions that could not be shown any way else. “She went on blowing against the frosted pane, carefully elongating the clear place until it was oval-shaped and symmetrical.” In this particular statement he is making the readers think about why this is being done. The setting of the story allowed for a lot of symbolism to be used; it was an average farm in the midst of the winter season. A lot of white colors being described and the cold and emptiness were also to the author’s advantage. As John the farmer goes to visit his father for the evening, his wife Ann tries to hold him back. As the final decision is made by the male character, we are introduced time and time again to the cold and emptiness of the setting. These tools are the author’s way of telling us how she feels and to prepare us for what is to happen next. As Steven, a close friend comes over, Ann begins to pretty herself up. These are all things that build towards the ending; of Ann’s Affair and Steven’s Suicide. The painted Door is a very interesting short story considering its great usage of symbolism as well as its setting. The author does a good job in portraying to us not only happenings but feelings and emotions as well. “The leap of light and shadow sank, and a chill crept in again…” The Painted Door Cover Page Rationale

While creating a cover page for short story The Painted Door by Sinclair Ross, I considered many elements. In the end I chose...
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