Glass Castle Analysis

Topics: Meaning of life Pages: 3 (986 words) Published: March 6, 2013
The Glass Castle is an interesting book following the story of the young author Jeanette Walls. This book follows her during the time she spends with her dysfunctional family growing up. This books tittle is symbolic of the overall book in its whole, and takes up a large amount of the authors life in the process. The many different characters represent and really show why The Glass Castle was chosen as for the title of the book. With the many events and characters in the book it can be easily seen why she would choose the title for this book. This book has many reasons for explain both the meaning of the tittle and the reason which she choose the title that she did.

The Glass Castle in the book represents much more than just a plan that Rex her father has a for a better home for the family he has. The title of the book represent the want for the family to have a better life overall. An image of a glass home is the thought of the perfect life, like a home that has no blemishes like how glass is perfect in most thought images. The thought of having a glass home is really the wanting of Rex to increases his family life style, the family is constantly in bad or run down homes these homes aren’t good places for his family and because of this the family isn’t really what the normal presentation of a family is and because of this exactly Rex pretty much chases the idea of developing a better life and world for his children and wife. It is apparent that through the book he really tries or for the most part in his own roundabout way tries to really get his family to a better environment and place in life.

The title for The Glass Castle was chosen because of what really happens through the book. Though the book the dream of the better life for Rexs family starts to become destroyed and disappear or to become blemished. In the story with Rexs drinking issues, disappearances, and just lack of loyalty to the family makes the dream disappear in the blink of an eye in this...
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