Short Story Essay

Topics: Adolescence, Drug addiction, Young adult Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Summary: This essay is about how most people view teenagers, in contrast to how a teenager really acts. Teenagers are thought to be stupid punks who can’t find Canada on a map or write in complete sentences, when in fact, this particular teenager stayed in school, enjoying it, and is now graduating and going to college. Adults see teens of having hobbies of sexual intercourse, drinking, committing crimes, and committing suicide. Although this is thought of by many adults, this adolescent is not a parent, does not have any drug addictions, has not worshiped Satan, and has no criminal record. This essay shows the stereotypical teen as merely a wrong idea in society. Purpose: To inform and persuade readers that teenagers are not the stereotypes adults think of them as. Thesis: Teenagers are thought of as stupid adolescents with crime records and drug addictions, when really, some teens are smart, enjoying school, and are living life without drugs. Vocabulary:

1. Persecution: (n.) Punishment or harassment.
2. Recreational: (adj.) (of a drug) taken for pleasure instead of medical use. 3. Stereotypical: (adj.) an idea growing stale through fixed usage. Literary Analysis:
1. The use of Contrast in paragraph 2, “Adults say the average teenager can’t write complete sentences and has trouble spelling big words …. I’ve found time to write this …” shows the reader the wrong description of a teenager, and what they are really like.

2. The flashback in paragraph 1, “punk teens of the eighties have taken the place of hippie teens of the sixties.” Shows of the same events happening in the past.

3. This essay shows inductive organization in paragraph 3, “I’m doing quite well, I haven’t fathered any children, I’m not addicted to any drugs… I may not be America’s stereotypical teen, but that only proves there is something wrong with our society’s preconceived image of today’s teenager.” This makes the reader realize the wrongs of society before the essay...
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