Short Story About a Ruler

Topics: The Higher, Kitchen, Too Much Time on My Hands Pages: 3 (814 words) Published: March 2, 2013
English 11 Introductory Assignment Q#2

Looking out the windows, I can see the view of the entire city, as if everything transforms to these blurry colorful little dots. Sitting on this shiny leather soft chair in an office that is 57 floors above ground, I have just made an announcement about how the tax is going to be raised again due to our circumstances. Every clerk working in this building is still waiting for me to sign the documents that need to be approved by tomorrow. Every time I walk out of the door, people greet me with respects and admirations. The people see me as a clever and profound leader, and they trust me thoroughly. After leaving the office, I’m on my way to a family dinner. I stop by this wide, fancy store in downtown to pick up a bouquet of fresh roses. Looking forward to meeting my family brings me back those memories of our fun time. We would go out, travel; even having a picnic in the park next to home was exciting. When I arrive, everyone is constantly moving in a rush to serve food that the kitchen is in a serious disorder. As a leader, it’s hard for me to bear this kind of situation, therefore I step up to direct them,” get that turkey over here in the center of the table”, “you, yes you, go help them in the kitchen”. Presently, a voice coming out of my right side asks gently “Can you get me that glass of water beside you please?” ‘’Why don’t you get it yourself? I have better things to do than getting you that glass of water’’ Words come straight out of my mouth before I can analyze. Just right after I answered her, another voice shouts, “stop being so arrogant! This isn’t your office, and we’re only trying to have a simple dinner.’’, this time it’s my mother; she walks out of the house madly and slams the door. Time pauses at this moment, it seems like even a pin drop can be heard, everyone stops talking. I look around, sensing the guilt as I see everyone’s stares. It devastates me to see that our relationships have been more...
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