Short Story

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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One by one, the raindrops fell onto my head as I looked out onto the front yard, eagerly waiting for the postman to make his delivery. Feeling my hair drenched and frizzing up didn’t make me flinch as it usually did. There was only one thing that could summon that feeling. In the distance I could start to hear the grumble of the postman’s bike. As my ears twitched to the nearing of the roaring sound, I immediately got up off the veranda and paced towards the front gate. It was only a minute later when the mail was delivered, straight into the palm of my wet hand. Running into the house, I made sure none of the letters had caught a glimpse of the rain. I threw the letters onto the coffee table one at a time until I found the initials N.Y.S.S stamped in that prominent royal blue colour on an envelope. A million thoughts were rushing through my head making my mind spin, as I began to open the letter. This is it, my dreams have become a reality, I am now part of the New York Space Station. I never finished reading the letter, as soon as the words ‘you have been accepted’ caught my eye i knew that I now stood the chance to go down in history. “Claire Menzies the first female astronaut”, I imagine that would be the headline once I become famous. It’s been four years of dedicated studying that got me to where I am now, about to step into the one and only New York Space Station. All I can say is that it was love at first sight, i felt right at home. The high ceiling held up models of world famous rockets and was painted with stars so they shine above you wherever you go, every office belonged to either a famous astronaut or rocket engineer, the people I’ve read about ever since I can remember. Walking over towards the cubicle in which I had been assigned I noticed there was a big glass wall at the back of the building. On the other side of it i could vaguely see the outline of a rocket, this puzzled me. If the space station was currently holding an active rocket that...
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