Description Girl in Woods

Topics: Root, Tree, Plant morphology Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Girl in the woods-Urban Legend Story

Beneath the glimmer of moonlight, the lifeless trees stood motionless as I sprinted frantically, leaping over the dancing leaves, which rustled around my feet. The bustling of the towering trees; the howls of what was around me; the sky of what seemed to be falling in on me.

My heart ached as I ran and ran, I felt my cheeks burning, swelling, and I was waiting for my whole face to explode. But I couldn’t stop. Running past the trees, which were bracing themselves for the storm, which was brewing over-head. The tree roots creaked at the force of the wind, an icy cold blast hit my face, I felt a sigh of relief when I caught a glimpse of light in the distance. I felt closer to home.

Even though I had seen some evidence that I was getting closer to the city I forced myself to carry on running, my legs felt like jelly but I had to keep going. That was until I was grinded to a Holt; I had reached the light I had seen not so far away. A small deserted hut, lay lonely in the kneck of the woods, the source of light was coming from the small shattered windows.

It looked small and cosy and felt like a home but I couldn’t help notice a peculiar tree, which hung heavily over the abandoned hut. I followed the tree up and down in great detail until I reached the shrub. I was stunned by what my eyes had seen, confused incase my mind was playing games; it was like it was delusional. I blinked once; twice; three times. The image didn’t even glitch out of sight. Still there was a thin white figure who was hunched up in a small compact ball leaning against the large tree-trunk, the figures long black hair draped over her knees as she clutched strongly onto a razor sharp knife dripping with deep red blood...

Only then did I realise where I was, The Dacknehm Hut. Rumour has it that Dacknehm Hut was home to a young lively couple. They lived alone in what used to be a spring bound forest filled with birds singing, the swaying of the...
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