Short Fictional Story

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My Heaven on Earth

Chapter 1 Life in the Norm
It was an average day in suburban Denver, Colorado.
Everything was peaceful. The day went as smooth as butter. I walked out of the office from a hard and exhausting day at work. I sold three houses, did six 100-page reports, and sucked up to the boss for that little bit extra in my pay check. I walked into my house I shared with my best friend and housemate Madeline. “Hey Madi, I am so exhausted! The boss had me working non-stop today. Ugh I can't wait for tonight.” You see tonight was my 22nd birthday. I was ready to party in style. I already had a limo and a private bar ready for my friends and me. My friends for life included: my husband and bestie Adam Rouge, second in command Ralphie Bontalone, my all time party gal Stephanie Cortez, and of course my all time would not be able to survive without my Madeline.

So I walked up to my room and got all ready and primped for a night out with my four closest friends in the whole wide world. I was dressed in a strapless purple sequin dress ankle long and my favorite black wedge heals. My hair was done up in an elegant French Twist. My make-up perfect, my room clean, and all the animals in the backyard with food and water for the night. I run down stairs and grab my phone off the charging mat in the back corner of the main office. I text all my friends, “Hey party starts in twenty minutes come over early so we can get the limo at the same time.” So fifteen minutes later everyone shows up dressed and pockets and purses loaded for a great night. “Steph you look amazing. Adam oh my gosh any cuter and you beat my dog in a handsome contest. Ralphie always with the casual look. Madi wow what can I say pulling out all the stops tonight.” I grabbed Adam's arm and walked out to the limo. We drove for maybe an hour through dense traffic and heavy rain. “Oh no this is going to like ruin my hair,” Steph complained. “Steph don't worry it's going to be fine,” Ralphie assured her. Adam was just sitting there playing with a lock of my hair just like he usually does. So I turned to Madi and started chatting with her. That lasted five, ten minutes tops. As soon as we got there, Ralphie pulled a tiara out of the front seat and placed ever so gently on top of my head. “Happy Birthday! Your a princess today and have every right to boss us around.” “You guys know I love you too much to do that.” I stated. So we walked into the bar. I saw who all had came and thought to myself, “Wow this party is going to be boring.” But as soon as Ralphie opened the door that thought stopped dead in its tracks. There were at least two hundred people in that huge bar. I turned to Ralphie and Adam, “What the hell did you guys do?” “So, we invited a few more people. What's wrong with it?” Adam said shyly. I just laughed, “Fine let's get this party started.”

So I walked around and mingled for a little while. Had a couple of drinks and the DJ started some real party music. One of my all time dance favorites The Cha Cha Slide. “Oh wow! This party had to be a success.” I said to Steph. “Ya, for sure girl. Well, I think it is time to head home.” “Hey peoples you guys need to go home NO driving!! Take a cab home for your safety.” I found my group and we all piled into the limo.

Chapter 2 Something Went Wrong

I leaned on Adam. “Man I am so drunk and tired.” Adam just hums the lullaby he wrote for me. I fell asleep almost instantly. I wake up back at Adam's place. He was sitting watching me from across the room. “Hey Babe what's up?” “Oh your awake. Good I thought it was just another false alarm.” “False alarm? What are you talking about?” He sighs and walks out of the room. “Hey where you going?” He ignores me. So I sit up and look around. His room is the most elegant room I've ever seen. Pure white walls with posters of all the classical composers. California King bed with all white sheets. No television, only a grand piano. He wandered back into the room...
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