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TOPIC 34: "Write about one of your family's Tet holiday. Describe it in detail, tell how you feel about it and what it means to you."

1. I graduated from college 3 years ago and now I’m working for a company in Hanoi. My hometown is Ha Tinh province; I was born in a poor village where people live mainly by agriculture. After graduation, I decided to stay in this city, earn money to support my family. I hadn’t come back home to celebrate Tet for 2 years because of the high cost, it was a difficult time for me. Last year, after 2 years working hard, I saved amount of money and could go home to enjoy a fully happy New Year.

Sitting on the bus on the way home, I felt excited and the way was so long in that day. I missed them very much. The moment I got off the bus, saw my parents standing on the side of the road waiting for me, I suddenly burst into tears.

We collected fruits and made Chung cakes together to sell. I was happy when talking to my parents about what happened to me, my happiness, sadness, troubles and received good advice from them. I realized that my parents got older and weak; I loved them so much and felt guilty about not being able to take care of them; I was acutely aware of my responsibility.

I also had a chance to visit my relatives’ houses and wished them a happy New Year. Tet in villages was not noisy and busy like cities but overflowed with love and careness. My hometown hadn’t changed much, people here was still poor and had difficult life; however, they were always optimistic in life and treated me like their daughter, their niece.

That was an unforgetable journey and memorable Tet that I have ever had in life. Living far away from home is so difficult, but my family is the greatest motivator that helps me overcome troubles and live better.

2. Noticing the peach buds slightly blossoming, getting the spring rain clang to the clothes, smelling the incense in the air, which all signal to the fact that Tet has already arrived. Tet is always considered as the most expectant opportunity to gather up beside your beloved ones, to enjoy the full emotion that “I am now in my home”. The Tet holidays before I was 18 suddenly rush into my mind, and I want to write about those nonreturnable Tets. Would you feel eager and distinctive if you could celebrate Tet in both Northern and Southern ways even you were living in the North? That was exactly how I experienced Tet holiday in my family because my grandfather comes from the South. A small apricot blossom tree, a lovely peach blossom one and a kumquat tree laden with fruits, my house was full of Spring’s colors! I felt as if the living room were absolutely occupied by the Spring’s vitality and energy.  To be more important, the best thing of those Tet holidays was that my family still had enough members as I defaulted it must be: my grandparents, my aunt, my parents, my older brother, my younger brother, my dog and me. Hastily preparing food for Tet, my mum spent all of her day considering and listing everything necessary. Re-decorating the house was the my brother’s and my task. My dad took in charge of cooking while my grandparents would like to direct how the altar should be displayed. Together preparing for Tet, I used to experience Tet with its full meaning of “Tet doan vien” (Tet – Family Reunion). 

3. For Vietnamese, Lunar New year is the most important festival of a year because it is the beginning of a year. If we have a good beginning throughout first three days of year, we will have much luck during that year. Therefore, the activity of welcoming Tet festival is celebrated carefully in order to avoid unfortunate mistakes. And according to each area of the country, Vietnamese have different ways. Although I am a Vietnamese, I don’t know how families in other parts of my country welcome Tet holiday. My family, an age –old Southern family, usually celebrates Tet as this following way. Tet...
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