Loss of Love One

Topics: English-language films, Prince, Decision making Pages: 3 (1277 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Maryse Delphonse

English 111

Homework assignment #2

Megan McHugh

In 2001 I came to the US, I was all happy because I knew it would be more to open and more opportunities for me and son. It was all different feeling when I got here, I missed my family so much that nothing was not more interesting for me than worked hard to bring them over. Finally in December 2009 my parents came and it was my year of jubilee, from there I know it was a start for my siblings and with time goes by so fast we will be one happy family again.

Unfortunately in January 2010 a major earthquake hit my country and my father was supposed to return on that day for personnel reasons, and the day before he told he doesn’t feel like going he wanted to stay for another month. I was so thankful. Everything was bad, no flights, he ends up staying for couple months. Patiently waiting for the airlines to start their flights he got sick, took to the hospital, they found something wrong in his stomach that they had to operate on him. He made it through the surgery but after two day he passed away. I was so in pain and frustrated that I did not know what to do and how to tell my brothers and sister who were waiting for him not for the body, but I didn’t have any other choice but call them and give them the news. I was in the middle of everything dealing with the death and my mom that are with me. Since I was the only one here, I find a way to ship the body over so the rest can be part of the funeral. Luckily by the time for me to make all the decisions, they started to make flights. My and I traveled, put him to rest I got back by myself and left my mom to grieved with the others. I was still grieving, I had to return to work and continued with my life but I never stop thinking of what happened and how I had prepared to make them happy for all their hard work. I can remember when I walked around with him, the happiness in his face that made him...
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