Shopaholic: Money and Book

Topics: Money, Debt, Finance Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: January 2, 2013

Have you ever stood in a library and asked yourself where to look for an interesting book? Have you looked everywhere but could not find anything? This the same action which occurs to me every-time I am in a library. But when I found this book it was completely different: I read the back and was fascinated to the spot. This book I am talking about is “Confessions of a Shopaholic”. To summarize the book it is acting about a woman who talks about her life and this is quite chaotic.

This woman is Rebecca Bloomwood ,for short Becky. Her life is everything but easy. She has a job at Successful Saving, which is a financial magazine. The only problem with this is she does not know anything about finances. Her job only has a small payment which is the main problem because Becky is shopping addicted. She goes to press conferences and her only pleasure there is the champagne they give out. Instead of listening to the conferences she talk to her friend Ella.

Without realizing Becky is in debt without a second or an eye-bash. You have to know Becky shops everyday but would you not to if the street with Gucci Prada and Louis would be right below your office? Instead of doing something against her debts she first start to hide the letters with the red marks. However after some time she decides to do the MMM which is Make More Money. As this does not work she buys a book which should help her to cut back low.. But you know Becky she cannot leave it she sees this sale of the Denny & George shop and basically HAS to go in! But it comes out that she accidentally left her credit card in her office. But she cannot go back to her office because she has to go to a press conference. She nearly has enough cash with her but only nearly, she misses 20$. Therefore through an accident the whole press gets informed about her 20$. There is this snobby arrogant person called Luke Brandon how helps her out. She tells him it is for her aunt because she does not want...
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