Topics: High school, Higher education, College Pages: 2 (885 words) Published: April 9, 2013
A girl named Sally has a huge dream of becoming a journalist-publisher of Seventeen Magazine in New York. Sally takes hard classes to challenge herself throughout high school, while maintaining a 3.7 GPA and a 29 on her ACT. Later, Sally is accepted into the college of her dreams, Syracuse University. During her college experience at Syracuse, she enrolls herself in the best journalism and publishing classes. Before she knows it, she receives a master’s degree in Journalism and a minor degree in publishing. Sally then sets out searching for a job with a degree in hand and debt trailing behind. However, Sally has a wonderful degree, but the economy is horrible. Leaving this young, educated, woman jobless and broke. Sally represents over half the American population, who are educated in these incredible fields of study, but are stuck in a despairing job search. Americans are commonly struck by thoughts like, “I’m going to end up alone with no money, no job, and no house.” We as a society are constantly telling our young people, “you can be anything you want when you grow up.” This statement is false because the economy is going through the biggest recession since the Great Depression; it is hard to find a job. Americans are left in the hand of god, praying for something good to happen. Many people start to question themselves, asking within what they did to deserve this. Some more religious groups may even question if god is punishing them for something they committed a sin to and are now facing a continuous job search. These students are working their butts off studying for tests and completing their homework. In times like these, we as citizens of America can’t just follow our dreams and become anything we could possibly imagine. For example, in about 8 years from now the briefcase of opportunities will open and many will find themselves seeking degrees in areas like technology, healthcare, and numerous science fields. Ambitious high school student of this time...
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