Shoofly Pie Essay

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Response to Literature Essay
“Shoofly Pie” By Naomi Shihab Nye

The death of a loved one can be overwhelming, yet people who experience such loss must eventually find a way to move past the grief. In the short story "Shoofly Pie" by Naomi Shihab Nye, the author explores how food enables the characters to memorialize their dead and move beyond their grief. Carefully noting each developmental step, Nye’s engaging attention to detail moves her characters through the grieving process. Re-read the short story "Shoofly Pie" carefully, then in a well-organized (1:2+) multi-paragraph essay analyze the changes Nye's character(s) undergo throughout the story. Include specific terminology such as static and dynamic and indirect and direct characterization.

I. Parts of the Essay
a. Creative Title (write the title at the end; suggestion – pull a clever phrase from your essay. b. Introduction with thesis statement
c. A minimum of 2-3 well-developed body paragraphs (2-3 chunks for each paragraph; (1:2+) i. Concrete Details (CD’s)
1. Embedded quotations with MLA citations
2. These are words, phrases, and sentences that come from your research a. No Commentary
b. I want to make sure you know the difference before you weave ii. Commentary (CM’s)
3. What opinions have you formulated about this information; Why is it important? 4. You commentary should comment specifically on your chosen cds 5. No Concrete Details; No Weaving; Not Yet

d. Conclusion
e. In-Text Citations (Allen et al. page number)
f. Works Cited
g. Header on the right with Last Name, a space, and page number

II. Length and Format of the Essay
h. 2 to 4 typed pages, not including the Works Cited page. Please be advised in advance and take special note: Papers less than two typed pages (including 1.5) may not earn a passing grade....
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