Topics: Sales, Customer, Car dealership Pages: 3 (1203 words) Published: February 20, 2013
The selection discusses some of the stereotypes of used-car dealer and how Joe Boum, the owner of J & J Automotive Sales deals with this kind of situation. The stereotypes result to bad reputation of the car dealership. Joe has been working so hard to develop the customer’s trust but at the end, he still failed to deal with it.

Stereotype is define as a generalization or assumptions that people make about the characteristic in a group of people based on experience, knowledge, rumors or image (often wrong) about what people in a group are like. It’s involving gender, races, national origin, culture and religion. It tends to oversimplifications of the groups. The stereotypes of used car dealer developed develop when people simply judge or think that used car are no longer in a perfect condition. For example, break is no longer in a good condition or the engine is very old. They think that it will waste their money if they buy something that only can be use in a short period. Usually people are most likely to buy a new brand car where it maybe gives more satisfaction to them and makes them feel safe without any problem. It’s also developed through the experience of customers itself when the used-car dealers lie to them about the condition of the car and sell it with a reasonable price. Because of that they feel suspicious with the honesty of used-car dealer about the performance and the condition of used-car purchased. This is the others one way where the stereotype of used car dealer can develop. People will spread this rumor and will not believe the used-car dealer anymore.

Joe loves his job so much. Even these stereotypes gives bad reputation to him, he still working for that job and never give up. He never thinks to stops because he likes being the sole salesman on his lot and he also enjoys being his own boss. As we known, every people had different perception. Joe thinks that he is doing the right things but people around him never think...
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