Explain and Give Examples of How an Individual Can Identify Themselves as Belonging to a Number of Different Groups.

Topics: Sociology, Harley-Davidson, Dunbar's number Pages: 4 (900 words) Published: September 12, 2012
Joe Doe

* Clean, washed and groomed hair – Suit and Tie – Briefcase – Financial Adviser during the working week.

* Showered, casual clothes, relaxing in favourite chair, good father/parent to his children after a days work in the office.

* Teddy Boy hair style – Drainpipe Jeans – T-Shirt – Leather Jacket - Rock n Roll music, Grease in hair - belonging to 1960’s era – Friday night Rock n Roller.

* Keen motorcyclist – Harley Davidson Motorcycle Club member – rides most Saturdays with other Harley Davidson club members.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Joe Doe has a recognised association with diverse groups through the various aspects of his work, family life, club member, Harley Davidson motorcycles, 1960’s era of fashion, music from the 60’s, identification with the Rock & Roll community.

His description as a well groomed blue collard employee accepted by his peers as a professional character and identifies Joe within that working ethos and acceptability of the financial industry environment. Joe is in a ‘Planned Group’ where his occupation has been specifically formed for a purpose.

Joe’s role changes for that day, when he retires back to the family home. He is now in a ‘Primary Group’ [formerly known as nucleated group]. This is where Joe experiences face-to-face and intimate interaction in the role of husband, partner and ‘role model’ for their children.

After a hard weeks work, 9-5 everyday, then being a family man in the evenings and mornings, husband, parent, he’s able to relax even more by kicking back in a state of perpetual harmony in the vision of his idol of James Dean riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Keen to let go of the constraints of everyday life in the working and home environment, to that of enjoying a cruise with fellow peers in the Harley Davidson motorcycle club.

Brighton Beach, the venue, meeting other motorcycle enthusiasts and public at large. Joe’s transition from Primary to ‘Secondary Group’...
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