Shell Oil in Nigeria and the Transformation of Shell

Topics: Royal Dutch Shell, GlaxoSmithKline, Pharmacology Pages: 4 (1209 words) Published: April 2, 2008
Shell’s History: In 1833, a man named Marcus Samuel began selling seashells in London, eventually expanding into a thriving import-export business. In 1892, the first oil tanker was commissioned, to deliver kerosene from Russia to Singapore and Bangkok. During this time, the Royal Dutch was forming to develop oil fields in Asian regions, and by 1896, Royal Dutch had a fleet of tankers. In 1907, Shell and Royal Dutch merged after realizing the benefit of working together. In the early 1920’s, an aviation attempt was made across the Atlantic, prompting the start of Shell’s Aviation Services. Shell had expanded as there was a mass production of cars in the early 20th century, but experienced a reduction in operations during the first World War. In 1929, Shell continued to expand their operations to include chemicals. However, as the Second World War occurred, Shell again lost business. The rebound occurred by 1950’s and 1960’s, in which the Shell Company had nearly a tenth of the world’s market share. In the 1970’s, Shell experienced increasing crude oil costs, due to an economic recession. In the 1980’s, Shell diversified and became technologically advanced and more aware of environmental concerns. In 2005, the ultimate merger of the Royal Dutch and Shell happened.

Shell Nigeria: Since the 1930’s, an exploration for oil was concentrated in the West African area. In 1956, a discovery of oil was made in the area of the Niger Delta.ited Nations estimated, in 2001, that an additional 3.8 million would be infected on an annual basis, with an approximate 2.4 million dying from this disease or related illnesses that threatened life within a person who had an immunity problem. Furthermore, the undeveloped country did not have the resources to combat this problem. The drugs needed exceeded the affordable cost for its population, regardless of who would pay for it.

Global Intellectual Property Rights: The World Trade Organization (WTO) authored the...
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