She Walk in the Beauty

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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She walkLiterature Inglesa: João Carlos Jeck
Student: Wanderlene Antônia Euclides

She walk in the Beauty

1- In "She Walks in Beauty," to what does the speaker of the poem compare the lady's beauty? The speaker using a simile to compares the woman to a perfect cloudless, starry night . In the first stanza, he seems to compare the lady’s beauty with natural phenomena such as ‘the night’ (line 1), ‘climes’, ‘skies’ (line 2), ‘light’ (line 5) and ‘heaven’ (line 6).

2 -What color is the lady's hair?
The lady’s hair is black because she is referred as raven-haired. (Line -9)

3-What do you think is the meaning of "that tender light" in line 5? Tender Light meaning moon and stars.

4-What does the speaker believe the woman's appearance reveals about her character? The speaker believe that woman’ appearance reveals her character described: peaceful, thoughts and innocent which she expresses in a unique manner. In the twelfth life, it is so clear that she is also described as holy and very calm. The woman is said to be a persuasive speaker with the smile that catches a crowd.

5- Why was nature a logical choice for Byron as something with which to compare a lady's beauty? The nature was a logical choice for Byron because he indubitably had a strong reverence for nature, and by comparing her to the flawless being that nature represents, he is putting her among the likes of godly creations.

6-Why would it be a logical choice for any comparison by Byron?

It would be a logical choice for any comparison by Byron because demonstrates the pure, easily noticeable beauty of the woman just as inner ‘beauty, her thoughts are also as pure and graceful just as her appearance.
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