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Topics: Woman, Aesthetics, Belief Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Poems, like stories and novels, often have themes and ideas that are expressed. In the two poems I read, de los Santos’ “Perfect Dress” and Hoagland’s “Beauty”, it is apparent that great thought was put into themes of beauty and into the ideas and opinions behind it. Through analyzation of these two poems I will collectively share the opinions and uncover perhaps previously unrealized perspectives that perhaps is not originally apparent In “Perfect Dress” the tone is immediately set with the line, “It’s here in a student’s journal, a blue confession…” (Santos, 1) The author describes the confession as being “blue”, an adjective that has connotations of sadness and melancholy. I believe that this poem is about a woman who describes beauty as something she highly aspires for, however while at the same time she believes that it something that is also out of her reach. She ultimately wants to become beautiful overnight “I’ll wake up, suddenly beautiful, and isn’t it strange” (5) Though the tone was originally set in this poem mellow I feel as if the author tries to brighten the poem up with the idea of a perfect dress, the woman believes that with such an article she will be able to reveal the beauty that she perhaps had all along. “and waited for my one, true body to emerge. “ (20)

This underlying theme and aspirations of achieving beauty is ever-present in this poem. From its beginning to its very conclusion, with the woman’s day dreams about people looking at her in awe “She is sublime”. (28)

I believe that this poem accurately describes some of the social pressures that young women felt in the past and perhaps even today. In “Beauty”, another poem set in a bitter yet sweet tone, the author writes from perspective of a sister of a once beautiful young lady. “never be beautiful again.” (Hoagland, 5)

“being done with beauty,” (10)
The poem immediately makes it apparent to the reader that beauty is something that this particular person no longer...
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