Shaw and Mckay's Theory of Juvenile Delinquency

Topics: Criminology, Crime, Juvenile delinquency Pages: 3 (701 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Shaw and McKay's Theory of Juvenile Delinquency
Robert Gault
Saint Leo University
Theories if Criminal Behavior
Professor Crawford
May 19, 2013

According to Lilly, et al (2011, p. 44) social disorganization is specific to the inability of community members to bring about shared values or jointly solve problems. Shaw and McKay identified this social ineffectiveness common to the metropolitan areas affordable for the lower class of poor families. Furthermore, their analyses involving criminal behavior identifies the structural uniqueness that has recognized the essential facts within a society on how it correlates to crime and criminal behavior. Moreover, Shaw and McKay’s work is in use today as a valuable tool when addressing crime and criminal behavior within the community level. Therefore, this paper is a brief examination of Shaw and McKay's Theory of Juvenile Delinquency.

Shaw and McKay's Theory of Juvenile Delinquency
Small town or country sociologists became concerned with the disruptive effects of rapid population growth, which provides some factual data that the processes of social ineffectiveness problems in urban settings and that these processes influenced a community’s ability to develop and continue with a well-built form of community relations. According to Osgood & Chambers, (2003) “Social disorganization theory” identifies numerous variables and one of them being residential instability. For example; these authors anticipated that percentages of adolescent violent behavior in a residential society would escalate as percentages of residential instability inflated. When the residents of a neighborhood continuously change, hence the citizens within that area has fewer opportunities to develop closely with public relations with each other, moreover, these communities failed to partake in neighborhood organizations. Shaw and McKay's idea was the most intensive study of social disorganization from the time of its...
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