City Demographics and Crime Profile

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City Demographics and Crime Profile Project
CJA/550 Criminology Theory

City Demographics and Crime Profile Project
Demographics provide the specifics necessary to obtain knowledge pertaining to a city’s inhabitants. Attaining this type of detailed information is vital to the creation of a flourishing municipality. Demographic data can offer crucial material in relation to the particulars, such as the districts residents reside, the districts most preferred, the areas more highly safeguarded, high crime areas, the elementary schools most preferred and what type of developments residents want to see within the area. Verification is made by evaluating the demographic attributes of the populace, areas of expansion, permanence, class prospects, sales perspective and study marketplace infiltration. The purpose of this paper is to elucidate the social and intellectual contexts, the beliefs of the populace in reference to criminal behavior, the changes applied when moving away from the city center, zones of transitions, and crime hot spots, as pertaining to Detroit, Michigan. Detroit, Michigan is approximately 2000 square miles with an estimated population of 870,000 residents. Within the City of Detroit is a wide range of ethic backgrounds and multiple cultural centers. The city embraces a large amount of history such as the original location of the Michigan Capital, home of Motown, and the head quarters of the auto industry. In recent times, the City of Detroit has experienced difficult periods with mortgages and auto industries. Three of the strongest automobile companies reduced staffing and closed automobile manufacturing plants throughout the United States, which left many residents of Detroit jobless. Land values have decreased causing countless people to owe more on homes then the documented value. Due to the vast amount of Detroit residents without income, many homes were foreclosed or redeemed by banks. The neighborhoods dealing with vacated properties had to struggle to keep crime levels low. Homeless, drug addicts, gang bangers, and additional nameless delinquents, find vacant homes advantageous to criminal needs (United States Census Bureau, 2010). Social and Intellectual Concepts and Beliefs

Many ways exist to characterize Detroit’s social and intellectual context. Detroit’s portrayal is not reliant upon the specific area referred to as home, nor is the portrayal reliant upon a resident’s wealth status, the fact is certain crimes are deemed acceptable by certain people. For example, according to Michael Martindale, author of Police, Event Planners To Meet Over Silverdome Pot Convention, reported that Edmund Kresty, event organizer for the Saline-based Holistic Health and Educational Center located in Michigan, expected between 25,000 and 50,000 attendees. Although the purpose was to discuss the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, Pontiac Police Chief Val Gross claimed that he, other law enforcement officials, and the city government were unaware this type of conference was taking place. Gross discovered the event through a flier displayed by the International Cannabis Convention. Concerns in regard to many people in attendance for none other than recreational purposes, and smoking inside the Silverdome were addressed. Because a person’s social context has no precedence over drug use, the event could instigate different criminal behavior regardless of a person’s status (The Detroit News, 2010, p. 1).

Another event involved criminal behavior during Pride Fest, a street festival celebrating homosexuality. Because public nudity took place, different groups contacted the local police department and stated that police needed to ensure the observance of all laws. Even though public nudity and other acts of indecency are unacceptable, commonsense is expected. Certain festivities are not recognized as family oriented, so people need to use discretion when selecting...
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