Detroit vs. Poverity

Topics: Michigan, City, Building Pages: 4 (1684 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Detroit is a large city with poverty, and abandoned building and lot of empty space there ha¬s been ten schools close this year in the city of Detroit. “On February 9, 2012 Emergency financial manager Roy Roberts announced ten schools closes.” There are many homes that are foreclosures, then homes for rent. Detroit lost many jobs this year than last year. The population also has shrunk over the years Gallagher express his feeling when he talks about how Detroit is a downfall. He also compares Detroit to other city to see if they have the same problems. The city he compares is Philadelphia “have been scarred by poverty, the drug trade, and the loss of jobs” Philadelphia has some “vacant buildings and “peeling paint” (Gallagher, 1949)¬¬ Detroit and Philadelphia go through the same problems today. Gallagher tone is sad because he believe there is still hope and Detroit, but where to start fixing the problems.

The audiences that Gallagher attract are first time visitors that want to know about Detroit and what portion to visit and what portion not to visit. He also attracts people that stay in the city of Detroit, but don’t recognize too much about their own city. For example if I stayed Downtown, but I don’t know too much about the Westside because I never visit. I would like to identify what street to go down and what streets not to go down. Reading “Reimaging Detroit” speaks about abandoned Building and a ration of empty space, and how the city needs to improve. Also bring the population back up, and stop poverty from taking over Detroit.

The problem with Detroit is when the city closes down a Building because they cannot pay the funds. The city leaves buildings there for years until the paint start pulling off. The grass starts growing high, and leaves a bad smell. For example when the” packer plant close down, there were tress growing from the roof and the slowly crumbling walls and the trash fires set weekly daily by vagrants and punks” (Gallagher, 1949)...
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