Sharon Wood and Marilyn Bell Di Lascio

Topics: Swimming, Mind, Human body Pages: 1 (433 words) Published: March 27, 2013
In the passages "The true story of Lake Ontario" and "Sharon Wood: No Limits", two amazing women gets introduced accomplishing their life-risking goals; both women had astonishing performances, but Sharon Woods defiantly stood out more than Marilyn Bell Di Lascio which came to a conclusion that Sharon Woods would be a better Role Model. Sharon Wood, the mind blowing mountain climber believed that “fear is healthy” (Georgi&Wojna p.2). This fascinating statement declared from Sharon Wood was something no one would expect. Usually, people would think fear is unhealthy to the human body because it makes the human body nervous and uncomfortable. But Sharon Wood was different from the rest and believed in something unusual. Not only did Wood have a different state of mind, but she also had patience. Wood tried her best to wait for her helpless partner stuck on the mountain. She made a smart move by “wait[ing] 30 minutes” (Georgi&Wojna p.11) for him. If she climbed back for her partner in the mountain, she could’ve gotten hurt, stuck or ran out of oxygen. Even though she did abandon her partner for the rest of the trip down, she did it for an important, significant reason. Moreover, after she came back from her long trip from Everest, unlike Marilyn she found a “small, independent, non-denominational school in Canmore” (Georgi&Wojna p.18). Marilyn Bell Di Lascio, was a brave swimmer that was first to swim across Lake Ontario. Marilyn was a strong hearted woman that had a passion for swimming. She “put her into [swimming]” (Di Lascio p.3) Di Lascio was a magnificent woman, but she had some little troubles that interrupted her becoming the better role model. Di Lascio first said that she was determined to do something but, she lost all her “confidence about competing the swim, and the idea terrified [her]” (Di Lascio p.9). This fear overcame her and made her terrified which was mostly the reason why she got budged off the better role model position. Furthermore, she had...
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