Shark Fin Report

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Shark Fin Soup

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Date: 19 June 2012
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Shark Fin’s Procedure


Consumer of Shark fin soup


Production of shark fin


Effect of the shark fin soup


Sharks and ecosystem






Illustration References




This report will tell about shark fining that has been happening for the past 50 years. Shark fin soup has been very popular among the Chinese people, especially when the people are rejoicing some Chinese celebration. In Chinese wedding, Chinese New Year and even sometimes in the Chinese birthday party, the householder will provide a bowl of shark fin soup to their invited guests for no reasons. This perhaps has been the tradition among the Chinese. There are some beliefs and facts that will be included in this report which will tell the ugly truth of shark fin soup.

Basically, this report will open up about some researches, such as the number of people in China who consume the shark fin soup, as it has been noticed for having the highest percentage consuming the shark fin soup per year. Besides that, there will be comprised the major and minor production of shark fining in a year. Shark fins grading plays a very big role during the procedure of manufacturing the shark fins. There are a lot of types of sharks are killed and sold, their fins and tails, and graded based on certain aspects, one instance, their skin color, more information will be investigated later on along with the information about the flavor of the shark fin soup itself.

Not only the research about the cruelty of sharks, there will be reasons on why do we have to care about the shark fining and the research on the how it will affect the marine life if it is gone. Surveys are to be compiled together with the conclusion of the survey as well as the conclusion of report and the referencing method used.


Shark Fin’s Procedure
Sharks are killed to get their fins and tails. Basically, sharks are graded depending on their skin color (black or white), the size, types and other factors such as moisture content, smell and the cut. The size mentioned in the normal research: extra large (40 cm and above), large (30-40 cm), medium (20-30 cm), small (10-20 cm), very small (4-10 cm) and mixed or assorted, including the ventral and anal fins. Sharks from shallow waters are living in shallow water while the black groups belong to the deeper water. The white groups of sharks set a higher price as they are believed to have a better flavor than the black groups. The most valuable parts of sharks are their first dorsal fin, a pair of pectoral fins below and the lower tail of it. This is one figure that represents the grades of sharks.

Figure1: Shark Fin Grading
There are three choices of sharks sold based on their texture, appearance and their fin needles. Blue Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Giant guitarfish, Mako Shark, Dusky Shark and Sandbar Shark. The second choice of sharks are; Blacktip reef shark, Blacktip shark, Great white shark, Lemon shark, Requiem sharks, Smalltooth sandtiger shark, Spadenose shark, Thresher shark, Tiger shark, Tope shark, Scalloped hammerhead. The last choice of shark fins are taken from these sharks; Basking shark, Picked dogfish, Whale shark.


There are some processes of fins before it is being manufactured: 1. Wet fins are being chilled without being processed.
2. Raw fins are in dried form only, they are boiled and simmered for 3 -4 hours, and then it is cleaned to remove the rough skin this is semi-preparation before it comes in strands. 3. Full preparation is when it is individual strands and packed in cardboard boxes and it is frozen....
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