Shallow Hal

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Shallow Hal Essay
Imagine you are participating in a speed-dating program. During your remaining ten minutes of the event, you meet two last suitors. The first suitor is short, overweight, hairy except on his head, slight acne marks, crooked teeth, dresses up as Austin Powers, etc. However, the first suitor is remarkably sweet. Within the five-minute frame you learn he volunteers to help the elderly and handicap civilians, he donates clothes to the less fortunate, he works extra side jobs to pay for his parents’ bills and his siblings’ college intuition, he welcomed his unemployed friend to live in his apartment, etc. After you hear the whistle, you move on to the second suitor. The second suitor is the complete opposite of the first suitor. The second suitor looks like a 21 Jump Street version of Johnny Depp, he is tall, physically fit, smells and dresses decent, etc. On the other hand, he is an arrogant individual. He brags about how handsome and wealthy he is, he only values his inheritance than his folks, he ridicules people who do not meet his standards, does not want to be in a monogamous relationship, etc. If you were in this situation, who would you most likely be in a relationship with? Both have their pros and cons, whether it is appearances or personality. In today’s society, many people would choose the Johnny Depp looking guy because they are blinded by exterior characteristics and do not acknowledge inner beauty. In the film Shallow Hal, the protagonist Hal, discovers that inner beauty does exist and this special quality overcomes appearances.

During the exposition of Shallow Hal, young Hal is saying his final goodbyes to his father. Moments before his father’s demise, he informs Hal to find himself a “ classic beauty and never settle for average”. Hal wanting to make his father proud kept his promise. As time progresses to the future, we witness adult Hal dancing in a club attempting to mingle with the ladies. Disappointing in Hal’s case and...
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