Macbeth Paper

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Ryan Coyle
Ms.DeStefano 11R
Follow Your Heart

No one can judge a book by its cover. The value of something is not always obvious from what is seen on the surface, but from experience and learned by your heart. Antoine de Saint-Exumpery once said, “It is only with the heart that can see rightly…” Everyday, people make assumptions of other things based solely on appearance. From simple things such as grocery items in a supermarket, to more complex decisions, such as choosing a person we want to spend our lives with, people make these decisions on the appearance of these things. We choose these things because, on the outside, they appear flawless. And some seem to think, if the outside is flawless, then the rest must be perfect as well. But as with anything in life, what is on the outside isn’t always what is most important. One must react to not what their eyes see, but to how their heart reacts. They need to be able to know the true personality of something before they can judge it on anything. Two books that can relate to this would one be, ”Macbeth” written by Shakespeare. The other one could be in the story, “Cross Fire” by James Patterson. In all I strongly agree with what Antoine de Saint-Exumpery once talked about and that you should follow your heart and never judge a book by its cover.

The background and theme of “Macbeth” completely and entirely goes along with what Antoine de Saint-Exumpery said. This story is about how a young man becomes so power hungry for the crown of Scotland, that he will kill anyone that gets in his way. It is not possible to make reliable judgments about him or any other person by considering external appearances alone. On the outside Macbeth appears to be a brave and powerful general eager to do anything in order to protect his country. But once you get to know him you learn that he is just an unethical tyrant, attempting to steal the crown from King Duncan. An example of this could be, “Present fears Are less than...
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