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Topics: High school, Peer group, Leadership Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: April 5, 2011
As a SGA representative, I strongly believe that I can lend an open ear to those concerns, suggestions, and/or general questions of my fellow peers here at JMU. A vital aspect of the SGA is their commitment to serve the students and I am convinced that I can be the voice of the students here on campus. By doing this, I can also have the opportunity to let the students know where their student activities fees are going and ensure that they are put toward the best possible activities. Furthermore, I would like to work toward establishing new programs for the betterment of the student population as well as bring attention to lingering problems on the campus. Upon receiving this position, I can offer not only my willingness to listen to the students, but also make it my obligation to act upon concerns that seem to be pressing and widespread. I can also offer my ability to work hard and endlessly to needs of SGA and the wants of the student body. Students can benefit from this by having their voices heard and respected and be, indirectly, involved and active on campus. Throughout my high school years, I maintained various leadership roles. The first of which was serving as a section leader in the marching band for three years. As a section leader, I was the example of how the section should act, present, and conduct them. I was also the captain of the golf and tennis teams, first leading by examples through my actions and then through my playing skills. At my home church, I am the Youth Director providing an example of how to live as a young Christian despite the temptation of peer pressure. While here at JMU, I am currently serving as a mentor at the Harrisonburg and Rockingham County Boys and Girls Club to disadvantaged to youth. Just furthering my education beyond high school is the primary and first example of leadership. The kids at the club can look to me and see that I was once just like them but I’ve pushed through and maybe they can too.
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