Sexual Preference/Why People Are Homosexual

Topics: Homosexuality, Sexual orientation, Heterosexuality Pages: 4 (1358 words) Published: June 14, 2011
Sexual Preference

Homosexuality has been a topic discussed for thousands of years. The Greek Gods engaged in homosexual behavior according to “A Problem in Greek Ethics addressing homosexuality in Ancient Greece” by John Addington Symonds. In recent years, in modern societies, many men and women have openly expressed that they are homosexual. With most of the population being heterosexual the main question that wonders though the minds of men and women is “why?”. Major religions such as Christianity and Islam teach that being Homosexual is a sin. For thousands of years being openly homosexual was punishable by death and still is in some undeveloped countries. These religions respond with the question of “why” with a simple “it is a choice so it's a sin”. They believe because the right thing to do is to be heterosexual that the only reason why anyone would be homosexual is because they are making a conscious decision to do so . Christian leaders have even created programs to help homosexuals understand that it is a sin and try to make them be heterosexual. Many men and women, even of Christianity and Islam, reject the answer that it is a choice. They believe that it is not a choice. There has been much documented research done throughout the last century. Many theories have been researched including innately

bisexual by Freud, the Alfred Kinsey's scale, twin studies by Kallman, Heston and Shield, Bailey and Pillard, and ex gay ministries studies by Dr Ariel Shidlo and Dr. Michael Schroeder. Through thier work I will in prove that Homosexuality is a neither choice or nor purely biological, a person's preference of the opposite sex or of the same sex is both, gay camps are damaging and ineffective, and people need to be accepted for who they are to be a healthy individual.

Everyone is born innately bisexual according to Sigmund Freud. A person then becomes heterosexual or homosexual based of a restriction to one or the other and based on the actions of...
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