Sexual Introspection

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  • Published : November 30, 2006
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Sexuality is a big part of our lives but it is not discussed about openly in our society. Sexuality and the subject of sex is something that is not talked about in many families, and it is not an exception in my family. This subject has never been brought up in front of my parents, nor have they tried to talk to me or my brother about it. I have learned what ever I know from other sources, such as media, school, and friends. The majority of my views come from what I have learned in school and what is presented in media. Also my friends and the people around my have influenced what I think and how I express myself. The first sex education that I received was in the sixth grade, it was a week long topic in my science class. Sex education was taught in my school district from sixth to eighth grade in a week long session. In those week long sessions we were taught about sexually transmitted diseases and other risks associated with having sex. The sessions were to inform students of puberty about what safe sex was. Media and my friends have played a roll in influencing how I express my sexuality.

I feel that sex education should be taught in school starting at sixth grade, before children start to hit the age of puberty. Many children do not learn about sexuality and sex from there parents but from the media. Therefore I believe that children should be taught in school about sex so that they may be able to make the correct choices and understand better what they are going through. I think that this is the way most students amongst the class think, fifty five percent of the class felt that teaching about safer sex does not promote sexual activity. Alternatives to abstinence should be taught because if children do not have information the can not help protect themselves. What children are exposed to in the media is not always accurate and the correct image, so it is important to give children the information to help them make smarter choices. Sex education should...
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