Sexual Disorders

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  • Published : October 1, 2011
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Sexual Disorders
Throughout different cultures and different situations, many people have various opinions and ideas about what is considered normal or abnormal sexual behavior. Most people agree that there is a universal interest in sex that is shared amongst all people. Throughout the late twentieth century, as psychologists became more aware of the diversity of “normal” sexual behaviors, they increasingly narrowed their definition of abnormal sexual behavior (Morris & Maisto, Psychology: An Introduction. 2005). There are three main types abnormal or sexual disorders; sexual dysfunction, paraphilias, and gender-identity disorders.

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction is a loss or impairment of the ordinary physical responses of sexual function (Morris & Maisto, Psychology: An Introduction. 2005). An example of a sexual disorder in men is erectile dysfunction (ED). ED does not allow men to erect or keep an erection during sexual intercourse. ED can be a result of many factors. Men, who have sex out of wedlock, fornicate, often times experience ED. A man’s age and condition of his relationship are also contributing factors to ED. An example of ED in women is female sexual arousal disorder. This type of disorder does not allow women to have an orgasm or become sexually excited. Women that may be in an unhappy relationship or have experienced a traumatizing sexual experience may develop female sexual arousal disorder. In order to make a diagnosis, a doctor may implement different test to rule out any medical issues that may contribute to the disorder. The doctor may also refer a patient to another doctor such as an urologist, neurologist, or sex therapist. Medical treatment and medications like Viagra and Cialis are used to treat the dysfunction. Psychological therapy helps a person overcome their guilt or anxiety in order to improve their sexual interest and performance.


Paraphilias are sexual disorders in which unconventional...
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