Sex Trafficking and Apne App

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  • Published : March 14, 2012
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Sex Trafficking and Apne App

Sex trafficking has been around since the beginning of time. Apne App is a women’s right organization that is bringing to the forefront awareness of sex trafficking and knowledge to help fight it. Their purpose is to help end prostitution and sex slavery primarily in Indian and Southeast Asian countries as well as the rest of the world. Additionally they empower the women to live out their lives free and give them the skills to succeed. Apne App wants to show these women that they can be free from their former lives and through education programs that teach self-defense and self-esteem. These programs empower and enlighten women leaving a life of prostitution and give them the necessary tools to live a productive, normal life.

Apne App’s vision is “Antodaya” : uplift of the last woman, A world in which no girl or woman can be bought or sold, along with their mission of “Ahimsa”(non-violence):To end sex trafficking. This organization is taking women from a life of prostitution and bring them to Community Centers that provide shelter and classes. They provide self-help groups in areas that are highly prone to sex trafficking which help reduce the amount of women going into prostitution by showing they are human and have worth.

Through training and support, Apne App is building these women and girls lives. Education is paramount to their success in academics as well as economics and home management. The use of grants allow them to continue with their mission of teaching the three “L’s” of learning livelihood and legal protection. They also incorporate teaching art, dance, spoken English and computer literacy. The training centers that are in the Red Light districts directly help the women and children who engage in prostitution to escape from that lifestyle and create a better environment for themselves.

There are currently over 150 anti-trafficking Self-help groups where the survivors serve and train the new women...
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