Sex Trafficking in Connecticut

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Sex Trafficking in Connecticut
The Girls Next Door

It is hard to imagine that in our own backyards, there are people being demoralized and abused for sex. An industry where mostly women are exploited for their bodies and used for profit, more and more women are entering the practice of prostitution, unaware of the risks involved. Promises of a glamorous lifestyle, lots of quick money, and rights of being your own boss, are beliefs among the women entering this trade. Unfortunately, this is a façade of many dimensions as prostitution turns into sex trafficking, abuse, and sometimes worse. As time progresses, the age of these women committing to such a lifestyle is on a rapid decline, with some of the women being around 13 years old. I found this incredible article that highlighted in-depth accounts from Connecticut in particular that were shocking to say the least. Places that I pass on my way to work or school, part of elaborate examples of sex trafficking and busts. How could this happen in Connecticut? Being one of the wealthiest states in the country it’s hard to imagine it being rummaged by sex, drugs, and murder. Many women and girls become emerged into the industry by drugs. Pimps will offer them drugs in exchange for their earnings. The article states that some “righteous” pimps will even coax women into giving up 100% of their earnings for drugs, if their funds haven’t been beaten out of them first. Another part of the article I found particularly disturbing was an excerpt about a pimp names Corey Davis, aka “Magnificent.” “Davis allegedly sliced a girl in his “stable” with a box cutter and stomped others into submission with a special pair of Timberland boots—a technique known as “Timming.” Another female, a 15-year-old patient of Dr. Sharon Cooper’s, was zipped into a duffel bag and deposited by her pimp on a six-lane highway. The pimp of Caroline (a former Connecticut 4-H Club member) plucked out her fingernails one by one until she passed out...
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