Sex and Death Connexion

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexuality, Human sexual behavior Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: February 18, 2013
How are sex and death connected. In philosophy, scholars consider sex as one of the rare practice that makes you forget about death for a moment. In Rat Bohemia and Blood and Guts in High School sex is unfortunately related to death through diseases.

Blood: Indeed death is the result of sex because the catastrophe that is Janie's sex life will lead her to cancer and death. Of course cancer has never been an STD, but many psychologists and oncologists have proved that cancer can result from psychological problems such as violent trauma, family matters, separations and many other matters. We know that Janie's childhood was dramatic. She had an incestuous relationship with her father. Her innocence was taken away, she became the slave of her own father, the figure that should protect her. With a brutal separation and many future violent events and hostile relationships with men, Janie will develop a Postraumatic stress disorder that will make her suffer physically and mentally. All these terrible events and shocking experiences (prostitution, slavery, kidnapping, incest, violence) led her to cancer and death. In other words, the innocent sex life that she should have explored in her late adolescence was taken away. Her sex life was unusual, she had experienced prostitution, slavery, incest and violent sex which are all reminders for death. When Janie thinks about sex, she won't think about her cancer but she will think about all these shocking memories that developed her psychological trauma.

Rat: On the other side, David from Rat Bohemia is directly concerned by the problem. Indeed, David and his lover Don have AIDS. Don died of it and David is fighting everyday against it. In other word sex clearly leads to death in Rat Bohemia. Moreover, his homosexuality and disease have set boundaries with his family member which made him an angry man. The fact that he caught AIDS through sexual intercourse is even more depressing because sex should symbolize life and...
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