There Eyes Where Watching God

Topics: Marriage, Love, Debut albums Pages: 3 (1232 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Ashley Bermudez
Ms. L
English Essay
Their Eyes Where Watching God.
Janie’s three marriages helped her find herself and God. Janie spent most her life living it the way her grandmother would want her to, and loving the way her grandmother wanted her to. Janie’s grandmother believed love was all about money, property and a status; she pretty much wanted Janie to be with a black man, who had everything a white man had to offer, she wanted Janie to have the best. Janie didn’t like her grandmother ideas of life and love but did it for her in her first marriage, than her second went into it because she knew her grandmother would approve, but on the third one it all changed. Janie finally lived and loved her own way with Tea Cake and learned from Logan Killicks and Jody Starks.

Janie saw herself being unhappy, when she was pulled into a relationship she did not want to be in with Logan Killicks. Janie was forced to marry Logan by her grandmother, she did not want Janie to be kissing and hugging up on just any man, she wanted her granddaughter to be married of decent like. Janie did not have any type of feelings towards Logan, not even attractions Janie said “he looks like some old skullhead in de grave yard” (Hurston, 12). Janie did not know what love was, at first she thought love came after marriage and that what she was hoping was going to happen between her and Logan. Hurston stated “out of Nanny’s talk and her own conjectures she made a sort of comfort for herself. Yes, she would love Logan after they were married. She could see no way for it to come about, but Nanny and the old folks had said it, so it must be so. “(Hurston, 21) “Long before the year was up, Janie noticed than her husband had stopped talking in rhymes to her. He had ceased to wonder at her long black hair and finger it." Janie feels that she is no longer respected by her husband and deserves a romantic relationship. Logan, who forces Janie to...
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