Seven Courageous People Setting Mars' Principles

Topics: NASA, Human spaceflight, Space exploration Pages: 4 (1461 words) Published: March 15, 2013
People around the world were celebrating for the coming of 2013. In the USA, Clement, Fred and Walter attended the party held annually in the Times Square in New York. They drank alcoholic beverages and chatted amid millions of people feverishly to welcome the New Year. "Do you two think that human beings can go there?" asked Fred, with his finger pointing towards a tiny little star. "Why not? Nothing is impossible!" answered Walter confidently. All of them enjoyed the party and they almost forgot that they were actually soldiers serving in the air force for the USA.

Meanwhile, two test pilots, Xiao Yang and Liu Hao, were testing the new type of fighter aircraft in China conscientiously. Xiao was the only woman among the teams of test pilots, however, she was smart and was willing to take up additional responsibility. Therefore, she was usually praised by Liu and other members.

"There are always discontents among people over the world. They are fighting for resources, food, energy all the time. However, people in some developing countries are cheerful because they live a simpler life and thus have less stress compare with those who live in developed countries, " said Sergey, a scientist who was working in Russian Federal Space Agency. He, together with his colleague, Yuri, were delivering a speech in the headquarter of the Space Agency.

"At the same time, the world is becoming more and more crowded, with a rapid growth of population. What can we do to deal with these problems? In the long run, some of us should migrate and settle down in Mars, our neighboring planet," said Yuri passionately. The audience was shocked by the speech. "How can we migrate to Mars in a short time? " "How much we need to launch spacecrafts?" The audience started a zealous discussion on Yuri's speech.

In January 2020, the USA, together with China and Russia, announced a space project based on the data collected from the "Curiosity" rover in Mars in 2015. The ultimate aim of the...
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