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Topics: Space exploration, NASA, Outer space Pages: 2 (673 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Brandon Gross9/27/12
English 11Period 1
In NASA, the Mars science lab rover is acknowledged, over a budget at 2.5 billion dollars. Although Obama’s Fiscal plan for 2013 would incise NASA’s funds from 587 million dollars to 360 million dollars, no quantity of money is worth Mars exploration. Mars is still merely a rocky surface in the midst of no indication of water or active geology. Space exploration is exceptionally expensive to the citizens of the United States; the government could unquestionably use this money to better the country where the people live. Exploration costs millions of dollars which is completely unnecessary to provide the NASA space program.

Space exploration costs millions of dollars which is unnecessary to give to NASA. NASA space missions have accumulated billions of dollars; these missions have not led to any new-fangled discoveries of existence and such. The exploration of Mars is over 2.5 billion dollars and nothing other than a rocky surface and red dirt has been discovered. Even with a cut to NASA’s budget for Mars exploration, NASA will acquire 360 million dollars for space exploration of Mars. There has been no water or geology found on the planet, which is essential for existence on a planet. No water or geology the two prerequisites have been found. According to Potomac institute for policy studies, the Mars exploration is the search for the significance of existence. If that is true, why carry on spending millions for discoveries of a red planet among a lot of red dirt. Mars exploration being funded millions is unnecessary, it has already accumulated up billions and there is nothing to demonstrate for these space missions.

Space exploration on Mars is unnecessary because it doesn’t have an effect on the planet we live on. Mars is in the outer space and therefore NASA space program doesn’t deserve millions of dollars in funding. According to Eryn Brown of the LA Times, “Is Mars Really worth the Trip”,...
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