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CRUCIGRAMA #1 de Mercadotecnia de Servicios



1 When customers have had service problems in the past, when they are in a hurry or when they have an emergency, are examples of: _____ service intensifiers. 4 Personal factors that are stable over time and increase a customer's sensitivity to how the service should be provided, are known as _____ service intensifiers. 5 In this type of trade, companies are mostly small and employing fewer than 50 workers, which 2/3 work in office and administrative support, sales, transportation or material-moving jobs. 6 The level of service quality that customers believe is likely to occur is known as _____ service. 8 Customers understand that there might be circumstances beyond the control of the service provider, which may lower the service quality. These are known as _____ factors. 11 A measure of service quality derived by comparing ( “2 vertical” ) and the perceived service received: Perceived service _____ 12 _____ of service delivery is a classification scheme that describes the nature of the interaction between the customer and the organization, whether the customer goes to the service organization or the service organization comes to the customer. 13 _____ with the customer is a classification scheme that describes whether the nature of the service delivery is continuous or discrete. 15 The nature of demand relative to _____ is a classification scheme that answers the following questions: Can peak demand usually be met without a major delay or regularly exceed capacity? Is the extent to which demand fluctuates over time wide or narrow? 16 Many service industries that aren’t in the same industry would benefit from sharing their knowledge with each other, because they share _____ services. 17 Customers rely more in personal sources of information. The communications about a service that are said from one person to another are known as: _____ communications. 18 Understanding the _____ of...
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