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Assignment Two

Strategic Service Quality Management Plan

Name: Jack Boxall
Lecturer: Rachel Byars
Topic: The Importance of Customer Focused Service Strategies Due: Tuesday 8th May 2012 @ 1pm
Words: 3573
Plan Introduction
Envirowaste is a waste management organisation with branches throughout New Zealand which supply commercial solutions to waste disposal and recycling. Envirowaste is an independent limited liability company which is funds managed by Ironbridge Capital; an equity provider and small to medium business buyer. All Envirowaste branches are integrated and share assets between but are managed independent of one another. This service plan will be based around Envirowaste Christchurch’s branch and their independent business structure. Through this report I will write on the importance of customer focused strategies to Envirowaste and how these strategies effect the delivering of quality customer service. I plan to present in this report a contextualised service quality plan aimed at improving customer satisfaction which will establish a sustainable competitive advantage for Envirowaste Christchurch. Envirowaste- Christchurch

Envirowaste Christchurch is the second largest waste management company in the region. Servicing New Zealand’s communities and businesses through their specialist ‘EnviroSolutions’ (EnviroWaste, 2012) to reach their goal of maximizing recycling and resource recovery. Envirowaste see their company as waste management innovators, committing physical and financial resources in the pursuit of providing unique and new ideas to New Zealand’s waste needs. Envirowaste’s EnviroSolutions encompass a range of unique services including: * Integrated Assets: Network of national branches and full range of waste services. * Collection: Bin services, including EnviroCycle (EnviroWaste, 2012) bins for any recycling requirement * Recovery: Waste minimization, resource recovery, recycling and composting * Technical: Hazardous & liquid waste, product destruction, waste water treatment plants * Disposal: Landfill design, operation and progression management * Gas to Energy: Capturing landfill gas to generate electricity for the national electricity grid.

These are services offered to specialist commercial customers, day to day business is mainly built on three core services: ‘Gantry’ bin service (Builders skips), front load waste removal and rear load wheelie bin waste removal. Peripheral to these services, Envirowaste offer a bin relocation system for when your business changes residence also if your current bin is not up to the customers standards it can be interchanged if the bin is starting to smell, needs to be cleaned or is damaged in anyway. These services are provided free of charge. Alongside these physical services Envirowaste provide expert advice on target sustainability within the industry, working with organisations to reach their waste management goals while being financially efficient.

Speaking with Mr Craig Stevens, Branch Manager of Envirowaste Christchurch he had this to say when questioned regarding the benefit or value customers gain from their service experience with Envirowaste, “We are a large corporate company and pride ourselves on providing an exceptional service to all clients large and small, the personal interaction our customers have with our staff and the level of service we provide is definitely a distinguishing factor.” (Personal Communication, 2 May, 2012). Mr Stevens also had this to say when questioned regarding market segmentation and its importance to Envirowaste’s customer’s satisfaction, “Envirowaste’s ability to find new and creative solutions to waste and recycling problems adhering to each customers unique waste management needs, this is what sets us apart from the competition. We are customer-needs focused so we offer a competitive price and continue to be...
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