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Topics: Customer, Denmark, Good Pages: 11 (3745 words) Published: April 27, 2013
Elective Project
Raluca Leustean
Supervisor: Katrine Grud Jakob
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Table of Contents
Introductory chapter3
Problem statement3
Research question4
The experience realms5
The Flow Theory10

Introductory chapter
Problem statement:
“How can the seaways companies keep their customers, by using the experience economy?”


1. How are they actually keeping their customers engaged? 2. What kind of attractions they have in order to have the state of flow increased?

The purpose of this project is to analyze how the seaways company can keep their customers. We know that nowadays there are a lot of ways of transportation, that can be faster or slower, but the most important thing for the customer is the experience they decide to have when they go on board of a way of transportation. To get faster to a place, you can choose the plane, or the fast trains, which can take you to the point you want in hours. But to enjoy the trip that you wished for, an amazing cruise on a boat will make you experience the pleasure of being on sea, having extra activities that you cannot find on other ways of transportation. This is one reason why I choose this topic for my project, willing to find out how are the customers engaged.

Interpretation The aim of this project is to show the importance of keeping your customers engaged, for a seaways company as DFDS. If this company does, or does not keep attracting their customers, it will be sorted in the following pages. DFDS A/S ( Det Forenede Dampskibs Selskab or in English The United Steamship Company) was founded in 1866, it being the largest and the oldest company in Denmark. DFDS Seaways maneuvers overnight passenger shipping services and cruise ferry activities connecting Denmark to Norway, the United Kingdom to the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway and Lithuania to Sweden and Germany. The main thing to underline for DFDS Seaways is that it transports freight and passengers, together, on most market areas, this bringing the best of it for the market potential and drive operational interactions. One of the main focuses of the project is to see how this company is keeping its customers involved and what they can do more in order for these people to still travel with them. Even though they have a lot of activities and opportunities on board, they need to improve or to change them so that same people would travel more often with DFDS Seaways. They want to strengthen and redefine their cruise ferry activities by changing on board the activities they had and adding new ones for the delight of the passengers. Because there is a lot of competition on the market nowadays, with many low cost airlines, land transport or other shipping companies, all of them being faster than a cruise on sea, it is crucial for DFDS Seaways that their customers will choose this company, not only for its way of transportation, but especially for the experience they are bringing.

Research question
The question that will be answered in this project...
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