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Topics: Domestic violence, Physical abuse, Abuse Pages: 8 (1974 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Tiffany Bewley
Arizona State University

Tiffany Bewley
Arizona State University

You Are Marvelous
You Are Marvelous

Executive Summarry2
Target Audience3
Marketing Plan3
Equipment and Supplies5
Schedule of Event6
Money Matters8
Cost per participant8
Safety and Security9
Risk Management9

Executive Summarry
You Are Marvelous is a series of workshops that will foster positive self-image and success among women who have been victims of domestic abuse. These workshops will provide these women with resources and information on how to regain their confidence and become successful in their personal and work-related endeavors. You Are Marvelous will become a tool that victims of domestic abuse can use to reach their full potential. Goals

You Are Marvelous will work to improve self-image and success among women who are victims of domestic abuse by: * Providing a safe place to engage in the workshops
* Recruiting speakers and organizations aimed at improving self-image among women and domestic abuse victims * Recruiting speakers and organizations aimed at improving employment opportunities and advancement * Creating a community where participants feel comfortable and able to connect with others in the same situation * Providing resources to other organizations that help with housing, food, job placement, and education

The workshops for You Are Marvelous will be held at the Holiday Inn & Suites-Phoenix Airport, in the Phoenix II Room. This room can host 90 participants in a theater setting and 40 participants in a banquet setting. The room is 1,159 sq. feet and has the ability to host food as well as audio visual. Target Audience

This event will invite women who are victims of domestic abuse. These women will be found via other organizations that are providing support for domestic abuse victims as well as through women who contact the office via information from one of our marketing tools. Marketing Plan

You Are Marvelous will produce brochures/fliers to be posted in various domestic abuse centers, the Department of Economic Services, and dispersed through Victims Assistance. These brochures/fliers will include information on the services provided as well as information on some of the key speakers. The media will also include a web address as well as a phone number to obtain more information and to sign up for a workshop. We also hope to market through word of mouth, from both domestic abuse organizations and participants. Sample flier/brochure is attached.

This event will be sponsored by various groups that support creating a positive self-image and success among domestic violence victims including: * L’Oreal
* Olay
* Macy’s
* Dress Barn
* Lane Bryant
* A Turning Point for Women
* Curves
* Dove
* Great Clips
* Carsten Institute
* Office Depot
Aside from providing generous contributions in funds and donations, the sponsors will provide samples/coupons to participants that will be given in little gift bags. Sponsors will also be displayed on the brochures, fliers, and entrance banner. Partners

You Are Marvelous will work to secure partnerships with various Domestic Abuse organizations including: * Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence
* A New Leaf
* Crime Victim Services
* Wesley Community Center
* Phoenix Family Advocacy Center
* Abundant Hope Counseling Center
* Sojourner Center
* UMOM New Day Center
* Crisis Pregnancy Center
* La Casa de Paz
* Chrysalis
* New Life Center
* Salvation Army
Information regarding the partners will be available to all participants at the entrance to the event. Logistics
There will be two rooms used for the event, both the...
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