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Topics: Money, The Bill, Removal Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: March 16, 2013
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202, Elite Square , 274 Perin Nariman Street,
Opp Apna Bazaar , Fort , Mumbai – 400 001
Tel No. 022 2263 5557, 4017 5767 Fax : 022 2263 5558

Date: 25/02/2013

In consideration of your allowing us to remove the below mentioned Import loaded full container/s from ICD area to our premises at Gut No. 81A, 179-P, Bhiwandi Wada Road, Lakhmapur Village, Wada, Dist. Thane 421303 and in respect of which have given a general bond to the Deputy Commissioner of Customs (container cell). Container Nos.: GATU 1143480

Total: 1 x 20’ and ____ x 40’ Under IGM No. 2055147 of M.V. CAPT. KATTELMANN Voyage No. 0172E Item No. 52 B/L Nos. ASN/NHS/1050 We, M/s. AGNI INDUSTRIES, having office at Gut No. 81A, 179-P, Bhiwandi Wada Road, Lakhmapur Village, Wada, Dist. Thane 421303 do hereby declare guarantee and undertake as follows:

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1. That we shall, at our cost and risk remove the above mentioned container/s (after obtaining customs clearance) from the nominated site and return the said container’s within 30 days from the date of removal in the same condition as they had received by us together with the triplicate copy of the bill of entry duly endorsed by the Gate office of the Depot.

2. That We shall at our cost arrange to survey the container/s by your surveyor before removal from the nominated site and after returning at your empty storage Depot

3. That if we fail to return to you that said container within a period of 30 days or any extended period you may allow to your sole discretion, we shall obtain necessary custom permission to retain the container beyond 30 days

4. In case of the container being damage in any manner...
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