Serbia Position Paper on Wmd

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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Delegation from The Republic of Serbia| |
Position Paper for the General Assembly First Committee|
Weapons of Mass Destruction in The Middle East|
The revolutionary events which occurred over the past two years in the Middle Eastern Countries, often referred to as the “Arab Uprisings”, have undoubtedly raised the international community’s concern regarding the social and political stability of the Region, especially in reference to the actual capacity of the states of the Area to grant, maintain and defense peace and security, considering, above all, the regional lack of regulations regarding Weapons Of Mass Destruction (WMD), the threat and risk that they might represent in a socially instable scenario, and the attempt from the United Nations to overrule these regulations deficits, starting from UNSC RES. 3263 of 1974, which commended the establishment of a NWFZ, ultimately reconfirmed by the 2012 UNGA Draft Resolution A/C.1/67/L.1, as well as the boosts toward the new idea of developing a WMD Free Zone (WMDFZ), firstly set forth by UNSC RES. 687 of 1991, supported also by the 1995 NPT Review Conference. In reference to the above mentioned agreements, the Republic of Serbia, aligned with the priorities of the European Union and this Organization, has been an advocate of all the initiatives of regulations of WMD. It has signed and ratified all major agreements on the matter, such as Geneva Protocol in 1996, BWC in 1992, NPT Treaty in 1992, CWC in 2000. Moreover, the Republic of Serbia has been reaffirming its position of staunch supporter of disarmament: firstly, as a participant to the successful 2010 Conference of Revision of NPT, whose final document (NPT/CONF.2010/50) supported the early entry into force of the CTBT (signed by Republic of Serbia in 1996), as well as the idea of the universal adoption of the IAEA Additional Protocol (signed by Republic of Serbia in 2009); to continue, as a strongly proactive country in the implementation of the...
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