To the Greater Belgrade Freedom Herald

Topics: World War I, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia Pages: 6 (2142 words) Published: September 15, 2012
Third of July 1914

I write to you concerning the recent assassination of the Austrian Archduke and heir to the Austro Hungarian Empire, Franz Ferdinand. We as Serbians and Slav's must celebrate the actions of Gavrilo Princip and must realise that he is a hero for Slav's over Europe. Although Gavrilo killed the Austrian and his Wife in a most undignified manner it is the only way for us as loyal Serbians to reject the ways of the imperialistic Austro-Hungarians. We have been run by foreign powers for too long my brothers! Princip is a 54hero! The Black Hand and Mlada Bosna are heroes! The Hapsburgs want to control us as the Ottomans did! I as a loyal and proud Serbian will not stand for this and it is our actions today that will either make or break our nation of Serbia. One hundred years ago our forefathers rose up against the Sultan and now the Hapsburgs wish to run our country for us? My Grand-Father fought the Ottoman's in Belgrade in 1862 and they managed to send the Turk's back to Turkey! Surely we can remain a sovereign nation keeping the Austrians out.

The mere presence of a member of the Austro-Hungarian nobility in our country is a matter of disgrace for our country. Why is it that we had the heir to the Austrian throne visiting our country? Inspecting our troops? Surely the Arch-Duke was here to show off that Serbia was still dragging behind our Austrian neighbours? Well Gavrilo Princip and the Black Hand showed them!! And his own countrymen detain him on behalf of the Hapsburgs? This is not how Serbians should treat our hero's. We must come together as a single Slavic nation to free our Slavic brothers throughout the Balkans, in Bosnia the Hapsburg directly rule the Slav's there. We must follow our Prime Minister of Serbia Nikola Pasic in our quest for freedom from the Great Powers of Europe.

We as a Slavic country must also recognise the Russians as a powerful ally that can come to our aid against the Germanic Hapsburgs. As a largely Slavic state we must push Pan-Slavism until we have a united Slavic country nestled in the bosum of the Balkans. The Russians are Orthodox Christians like us and they have come to help us against the Ottomans and I as a loyal Slav and Serbian am sure they would help us against the Austro-Hungarians.

As a faithful Serbian I see it as my duty too support my country against the foreign power of Austro-Hungary and as any proud Serbian should be!

Sincerely Dragoslav Jovanovik

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Emperor Franz Josef's Diary

I always knew that Ferdinand was going to cause me trouble and even in his death he has caused me problems on a national scale. But alas a higher power has restored that order which unfortunatly I was unable to maintain. Even with all of his faults however Ferdinand was a member of the Hapsburgs and was the heir to my throne. My dear Brother would have been shocked and ashamed to have seen his son in the state he was in during his final hour. Bleeding to death hand in hand with his so called wife. I shall not miss her passing one bit, she was always a nuisance for myself and for the Austro-Hungarian court. Why would Ferdinand find comfort in a commoner such as herself I have no idea but Ferdinand was always an outlandish charcter. If only Rudolf God bless his soul, was with us then the whole situation would be far more stable than it is at present. That poor excuse of a heir Ferdinand would...
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