Separation Anxiety

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Separation Anxiety Disorder
Separation Anxiety Disorder is prolonged, developmentally inappropriate, excessive anxiety, and distress in a child concerning removal from parents, home, or familiar surroundings. ("Free Dictionary By Farlex")

This papers purpose is to inform the reader of the symptoms and tips on how this Disorder can be fixed.
Separation Anxiety Disorder V.S. Separation Anxiety
Many young children suffer from suffer from Separation Anxiety, Separation Anxiety Disorder, however has many of the same symptoms but isn’t the same. Separation Anxiety starts as a baby, when the babe sees that its alone and that mom or dad are not around or even in the same room the baby will start to cry, and scream. As the babe gets older the crying turns into tantrums and clinginess, this usually last till the child is about 4 or 5 years old ( keeping in mind that all children progress differently). The Disorder begins when the child does not adapt to the leavening of the parent or person to whom they are attached to.

Common Cause of Separation Anxiety Disorder
There are many different causes as to why this disorder can develop. The most common ones would be: Changes in environment- a new house, or school, this can lead to stress which also can cause Separation Anxiety Disorder I children, the stress of going to a new school, having to make new friends can cause a great deal of stress on a child, In some cases an over- protective parent can cause a child to become dependent on his or her parent to help make decisions or to be comforted. The biggest cause would be trauma, when a child goes through traumatic situations they tend to look for the ones that were there for them and the ones they feel the best around, causing them to always want that person around and fear something bad could happen to them.

Separation Anxiety Disorder in Children
Children who let their fear of losing their parent or attachment...
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