Sensory System

Topics: Neuron, Human brain, Action potential Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: December 21, 2012
The sensory process begins as the ear senses the crack of the bat as it strikes the ball. The information received by the ear is received by the temporal lobe which alerts that an action has taken place which begins the transmission of neural messaging. Next, a dendrite at the receiving end of neuron cell will take the initial transmission and carry it forward to the body of the cell. Once the dendrite has received enough information the process will continue by undergoing a nerve impulse sending the message across the synaptic cleft to be received by the neighboring neuron. The message will now bind with the receptor site and should the receptor and neurotransmitter fit properly the message will then continue to the next phase (Morris & Maisto, 2005).

In the second phase of the scenario the ball is seen coming towards the individual. As the occipital lobe processes this information the process is repeated of transmitting information from one cell to another. Information will once again be transmitted from one cell to another. When this phase is complete the final phase begins (Morris & Maisto, 2005).

The response to reach out and catch the ball occurs in this final phase of the scenario as successfully transmitted messages in earlier phases trigger this response. Now the frontal lobe receives the previously processed information and begins to prepare for future movement. The frontal lobe plays a significant role during this phase as this is the area responsible for voluntary action which allows the body to respond to the messages being received. The final message is sent producing an almost reflexive response to reach out and catch the ball with the glove (Morris & Maisto, 2005).

During this scenario multiple occurrences of transmission of information have taken place. While the scenario likely began and completed itself in a matter of only seconds countless transmissions have gone from one region of the brain to another. In the event any of these...
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