Sensation Perception and Attention

Topics: Sense, Perception, Psychology Pages: 4 (1545 words) Published: March 19, 2012
Sensation, Perception, and Attention
Sensation, perception, and attention are crucial when working in a learning team. What we sense, how we perceive, and how attentive we are to the task at hand are all extremely important. What we sense will not always be the same thing. How we perceive an assignment or how we perceive each other will differ. The attention that we pay to detail or to each other will also differ. Sensation, perception, and attention can either be our strengths or the reason we fail. In a learning team environment, it is important to communicate with each other so that these things do not interfere with the tasks at hand. This paper reflects on each team member’s threshold for auditory stimuli, dichotic listening, the cocktail party effect, divided attention, and problems within the group related to sensory perception. As a whole, our group has a low threshold for auditory stimuli. What does this really mean? The question “What is your threshold for auditory stimuli?” is answered differently when taking into consideration distractions, environmental factors, and personal factors. Sickness, hearing loss, and tiredness can affect personal auditory thresholds. Background noise and interruptions can also affect personal auditory thresholds. Upon analyzing the answers to the question “What is your auditory stimuli?” from the members of the group, we concluded that we each work well without background noise, free from interruptions, when we are feeling well, and are well rested. Dichotic listening is studying the auditory process of individuals. It allows one to see just how much they are receiving in each ear. A good example is having simultaneous conversations with more than one individual. According to Marciela and Tanisha, they have no problem with dichotic listening. This is due to the fact that they have incorporated motherhood in dichotic listening. They both have children and can divide attention between each individual...
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