Perception and Attention Paper

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Perception and Attention Paper
In the exploration of cognitive psychology, the theory of cognitive processes has been brought to light. These processes could include attention, memory, perception, sensory, and visual perception. Memory is composed of different factors such as short-term memory, long-term memory, screen memory, remote memory, replacement memory, and immunologic memory. Visual perception deals data intake from a visual standpoint. The five senses, touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing also time into the cognitive process. Perception gives an individual the ability to have insight into any given situation. This is also how an individual can gain knowledge or intuition. On the other hand, there is attention, which gives an individual to ability to focus mentally. While each concept is equally important to cognitive processes, this will paper will explore perception, attention, and the relationship between the two.

Define the concept of perception
Let thinks about all the things around us and how we look at them on a daily basis. When thinking about perception an individual should think about all their senses, these senses involve the ability to become aware of the changes within one’s body and mind. As you travel, you may see objects that cause you to think of various things in your life. Think about the touch of objects, the smell of various aromas the may remind you of a home-cooked meal and different types of music playing can also have an affect on a individual differently. All of these things help create a conscious familiarity and allow one to connect with the people and objects around us. However, these perceptions vary from individual. Therefore, many individual see and recognize thing for various prospective when looking at identical thing or situation. Moreover, the suggestion might not be the same to each individual. When looking at one individual’s perspective there might be a considerable change to the meaning to someone else. The flowing together of complex sensory inputs often a time creates a perception that is unreliable or unverifiable. In other words, it is based in reality (Robinson-Riegler, 2008).

Breaking Down the Perceptual Organizational Process
The perceptual organizational process is, according to Ruth Kimchi (2009) as the processes that create visual information into understanding units. Visual attention is the method that forms illustration information in a picture chosen. The selection chosen are important for the ability to form an opinion of his or her imaging surroundings and visuomotor, which is relevant to connecting images and motor processes. The motor process is the part that deals with movement, letting the body knows that the mind has the body’s attention. Define the concept of attention

The processes that allow us to perform these dynamic cognitive operations on the information that held awareness include what referred to as working memory (Robinson-Riegler, 2008). Robinson-Riegler (2008), states that attention is limited, and that an individual cannot possibly process everything that heard. If we stop and think about it, has there ever been a time where we remember everything that we have heard or seen. It is hard enough to focus on what done, so if we are looking at our surroundings and not paying attention to what done, than we will probably not do a good job at what we are doing. It is also known that attention is considered to be flexible in a way that individuals can change from initial modes of attention to late modes (Robinson-Riegler p6 2008). Every individual has the control of how their incoming information processed in a way that they can decide the information they want processed. There are two types of attention divided attention and selective attention. In divided attention, Robinson-Rielger (2008) describe it as tasks that consist of the processing of multiple inputs, where selective attention involves choosing one input to...
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