Senior Goodbye Letter

Topics: High school, College, Middle school Pages: 2 (869 words) Published: February 13, 2012
Brittany Smith
Mrs. Devolld
C.P. English 12
12 May 2011
Best Wishes to Nicole Hentsch
It seems like it was just yesterday that our class of 2011 walked in to John Glenn High School for the very first time as freshmen. I can still clearly remember how nervous and excited we all were to finally be with the “big kids.” Some of us were so scared we were sick, others were lost in the huge hallways amongst the tall crowd, and others were more ready than ever to go to each class that day. Honestly, it is hard to believe that that was four years ago, and here we are today reading our final speech assignments of high school to each other. In about a week, we will no longer be high school students, but instead we will be high school graduates and soon enough, college students. So as we longingly await May 21st, I will proceed with my final speech assignment about one of our very own classmates, Nicole Hentsch. I have known Nicole since 5th grade, when all the elementary schools combined at Larry Miller Intermediate School. I did not know Nicole very well at all, but I always thought of her as a very nice girl. Then, we moved on to middle school together. Still, I did not know Nicole very well at all, but I always thought of her as a very nice girl. Then, we moved on to high school together where I still did not know Nicole very well at all, until my senior year. It’s sad to think that I’ve gone to school with Nicole for about eight years now and I had never really gotten to know her until now. We have had several classes together this year such as art III, government, lunch, independent art, and this class, of course. I have learned that Nicole is such a nice, sweet person and overall I am more than glad to have ever known her. Her friends even said that she is the nicest person they’ve ever known and they know that they can trust her with anything. I have gotten to know Nicole a lot this year, but I learned a lot more after our interview. Having had...
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