Semantic Memory Information Processing

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Semantic Memory Information Processing

Maria Montessori stressed out, “there is nothing in the intellect that does not pass first through the senses.” People learn in different ways. But the most prevalent way is when learning takes place to an environment in which the learner can manipulatively perceived the materials.

The semantic memory information processing shows about the systematic steps on how a person can understand, interprets meaning about general knowledge, factual information, essentials for living.

That information will first take place from the five senses: the sense of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching.
If the learner simply sees, hear, smell, taste and touch the information, the immediate output it will serve is limited only, that learning is good only for a short period of time as it is being enclosed in the short term memory.

On the other hand, if a learner will not simply hear but harkens the information, see but also visualized, smell but also comprehend, taste but also savor and touch but also internalized- working into every single details it represents, a better learning output is expected to be realized, because all of our knowledge has its origin in our perception (Leonardo da Vinci).

Moreover, working into the perceived information is another step to take into account. In this stage the learner will sort, link, sequence and categorize the information for a better comprehension and organization of messages being perceived.

When can you say that the information is being well perceived, well comprehend and well organized by the learner? If that so, practice is the key answer. After a series of perceiving, comprehending and organizing; practicing the information into real life situation is an evident proof that a sustained output is being gained thoroughly by the learner.

Finally, a good comprehension skill is when you can recall what you’ve learned to next coming moments and access it as easily as possible....
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