Key Theories of Child Development Worksheet

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Key Theories of Child Development Worksheet

Part I: Fill in the following table with information regarding the main theories identified in the Key Child Developmental Theories activity.

TheoryApproach to research (research design)
Components of the approachHistorical milestones of the theory Psychosocial Theory ObservationChildren learn through interacting with their environment •Children develop in eight pre-determined stages

Constructivist approachIn 1950 Erik Erikson, developer of this theory, published a book on the eight stages of child development titled Childhood and Society.

Social Learning TheoryObservational Learning
ImitationChildren model observed behaviors
Learning does not guarantee behavior will change
Thinking or cognition is important to learning
As children become older they become more selective in what they imitate.In 1986 Albert Bandura, the developer of this theory, wrote Social Foundations of Thought and Action, which outlines his social learning theory. Cognitive-Development TheoryObservation

ExperimentationChildren gain knowledge by exploring and manipulating their world •Cognitive Development takes place in four stages, sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational. •The use of movements and senses are used by babies to explore and discover the world.In 1924, Jean Piaget published The Language and Thought of the Child, which discusses the cognitive-development theory. Socio-cultural TheoryObservation

ModelingChildren learn through social interactions with more experienced individuals on how to behave and think in away that relates to his or her culture •Children are actively constructing and gaining knowledge •Learning does not mean or guarantee a child’s behavior will changeWritten by Lev Vygotsky and originally released in 1934, Thought and Language outlines Vygotsky’s socio-cultural theory.

Part II: Select one or...
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