Self Observation

Topics: Reinforcement, Psychology, Minute Pages: 3 (773 words) Published: April 27, 2011
Mike Zimmerman

Intro to Psyc 1010 Self Observation Paper

I observed my study habits for five days for my self observation. I was interest in this subject because school is very important to me, and I wanted to see how much I actually do study, and possibly increase it. My research was pretty easy to do, and in the following report I wanted to explain the process and outcome of that data. I donʼt think the ʻHawthorne effectʼ affected the outcome of my data. I did not change any study habits, and simply recorded the data after the study session was complete. I study because of the positive reinforcement associated with achieving good grades. Achieving good grades is a of course a secondary reinforcer, because the better grades I get, the higher income potential Iʼll have, leading to security in obtaining primary reinforcers like: food, shelter, water, heat, and other biological needs. I recorded my progress in a spread sheet. As I said, I simply clocked the amount of time I spent studying. Since I know that “time spent studying” is often spent procrastinating or distracted I subtracted a few minuets each time to make the data more accurate. I found that, generally, for every thirty minuets I spent studying I spent four minuets watching television, eating, or talking to people. I kept track of this with the stop watch function on my computer, and subtracted the appropriate amount of time from my data. This would be the only obstacle in my way of successfully studying, the way I over come it is by having strong will power, and staying committed to staying on task.

psychology Screen Writing Class 29% 33%

Video 1 14%

2D Drawing 24%

As you can see by the graph above, the Subjects that I study are: Psychology, Screen writing, Drawing, and Video. During the week I had a screen writing test that I was sinking most of my time into. I studied screen writing on April sixth for an hour, and on April twelfth for seventy two minutes. The screen writing...
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