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Topics: High school, Family, College Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Zachary Stern
Mr. Brigstocke
English 1 1806
September 4th, 2012
My Self Exordium

Hello, my name is Zachary Stern. I am currently seventeen years of age with a high anticipation for my eighteenth birthday which will be in about a month. I am in my first Semester of Freshman year at Santa Monica College. On our first day in class you asked if I was a star, in this self-introduction I am going to explain how I am one. I was born in Toronto, Canada on October 8th, 1994. My mother, white and my father, black had faced several difficulties between racial background and family .Five years into their relationship a best mistake popped into one of their lives, me. Two years after I was born in Toronto my mother and father parted ways and me and my mother moved to California. As I grew older I had come to realize the struggles my mother faced when being with my father, all through her young life she had been raised to believe that she would someday marry a “nice Jewish man” , two fiancées later she met my father . They were together for about 5 years and dealt with an immense amount of drama from my mother’s side of the family, especially my grandfather. He had trouble getting used to the fact that my mother was with a non-Jewish African-American. He had a psychiatrist forcibly prescribe medication to her, sent hateful letters, and finally cut her off from the family. Even after my parents weren’t together things stayed the same for about six years. My mother was a costume designer for movies and with that there was no salary so money was inconsistent. At the age of three, the lack of consistency hit my mother hard and we were forced to move in with some of my father’s side of the family whom my mother kept contact with even after my parents had left each other. They lived in Compton, and for my mother it was a whole new world that she was unaccustomed to and wasn’t happy about. From heroine...
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